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How to Reduce Shipping Costs for Small Businesses

Shipping can be expensive for small businesses because they typically have smaller order volumes and fewer resources than larger companies. Additionally, many small businesses don’t have access to the same discounts from carriers as larger companies. Carriers often require a certain amount of volume before offering significant savings on shipping rates, which small businesses may be unable to fulfil.

So how can small businesses reduce shipping costs? Below we explain how small businesses can save money on small business shipping, lower overhead costs and protect profit margins!

What makes up shipping costs?
Shipping costs refer to the expenses incurred when fulfilling and delivering a package. This includes the cost of packaging materials, carrier rates, and any other charges that may arise during the process. In ecommerce, shipping costs can fluctuate depending on various factors, such as the weight and size of the items being shipped and the distance they have to travel to reach their destination.

How to reduce the weight of packages to reduce shipping costs

Weight is important when shipping packages to customers. A heavier package will cost more to ship and reduce overall profit margins, making it essential for small businesses to reduce shipping costs. There are several ways for small business owners to reduce their package weights, including:

  • Use lightweight boxes and packaging.Whenever possible, use lightweight packaging such as corrugated boxes (link). Corrugated boxes have rows of small air-filled grooves between the inner and outer layers of the box. This can reduce the overall weight of your package, allowing you to save money on shipping without sacrificing the protection of your items.
  • Choose lightweight packing materials.
    There are many types of packaging materials available that protect products while being shipped. Still, you want to keep this material as light as possible to reduce the overall cost of shipping. Loose fill biodegradable packing chips (or packing peanuts), are designed to secure goods within the shipping carton and protect your items during transit. They are perfect for filling that extra space in boxes before shipment and are a sustainable, compostable and biodegradable void-fill solution. Bubble wrap is a good lightweight option, but isn’t a sustainable product, instead, consider honeycomb paper wrap as an eco-friendly & cost-effective alternative to plastic bubble wrap cushioning.
  • Reduce the size of the packaging.
    The cost of packaging can quickly mount up and significantly reduce the potential profits from every sale. Using the right size packaging means you only have to use the needed amount. Also, your packaging materials stretch further as less is required to fill space in larger boxes. You can pack more products for the same cost as fewer products with standardised box sizes.

Utilise flat-rate shipping options
In flat-rate shipping, shipping costs are the same regardless of the weight, shape, or size of the item. The immediate benefit of flat-rate shipping is the reduction of variable costs. You know beforehand how much shipping 10 items within the specified weight range will cost. By utilising these flat rate options whenever possible, small businesses can reduce their overall shipping costs while ensuring that all packages arrive at their destination safely and on time.

Shipping costs can be a significant burden for small businesses, but there are several ways to reduce them. By using lightweight, correctly-sized boxes, such as corrugated boxes, and packaging materials, like biodegradable packing chips, you can reduce the weight of your packages while still protecting your items during transit. Additionally, utilising flat-rate shipping options whenever possible will help convert variable costs into fixed ones so that you know exactly how much it’ll cost regardless of size or shape. With these tips in mind, small business owners should have no problem finding ways to reduce their shipping costs!

If you need assistance finding the packaging to reduce the cost of your small business shipping, contact Weedon Direct today.

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What is Royal Mail PiP Packaging?

PiP packaging, also known as Pricing in Proportion, is a packaging model used by businesses and online retailers in order to offer customers more cost-effective services when they send packages. This packaging model began to be used in the late 1990s as parcel delivery companies started to recognise the potential of this type of pricing model. It has since been adopted by numerous companies offering shipping solutions and is now widely used for domestic and international deliveries.

This concept works by weighing the items being sent and charging the customer only for what is actually being shipped. This can be beneficial for customers who need to ship items of varying sizes, as it allows them to save money on postage costs that would otherwise have been significantly higher

Under the PiP Packaging structure, all mail will be split into 4 different categories, these are:

  • Small or medium letters
  • Large letters
  • Small, medium and large parcels
  • Tubes

The prices are then calculated according to each of their size, weight and thickness to ensure customers are only paying for exactly what they are sending.

Unsure which of the PiP Packaging solutions you will need? You can use this Packaging guide.

What are the advantages of using Shipping Solutions like Royal Mail PiP Packaging?

More cost-effective options for customers when sending packages.
Royal Mail began using Pricing in Proportion (PiP) in order to provide customers with more cost-effective shipping solutions when sending packages. By weighing the items being shipped and charging the customer based on the actual weight of what is being sent, customers are able to save money compared to if each item was priced individually.

Reductions in overall shipping costs for bulk orders.
Companies can make use of this packaging model for bulk shipping orders, which can help reduce overall shipping costs. The type of pricing model that PiP Packaging provides also helps businesses by streamlining the process and eliminating any discrepancies that may arise from having multiple pricing structures for different types of goods and services.

Streamlined process and fewer discrepancies from different pricing structures.
The PiP Packaging structure ensures fewer discrepancies by making it easier for businesses to accurately calculate their shipping costs and the total price of all items shipped. This is because, rather than determining separate prices for each item, the PiP model only requires businesses to set a single price per unit of weight. This means customers are charged a single rate regardless of the number or weight of items they order, removing any potential discrepancy from different pricing structures.

Direct, offering end-to-end sustainable packaging solutions, supply a variety of easy-fold postal boxes that adhere to the Royal Mail PiP packaging criteria, perfect for sending CDs, Books and Gifts, all while remaining cost-effective and environmentally friendly!

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How Easy Packaging Solutions can help Customer Experience

When it comes to packaging, hassle-free is the way to go. Hassle-free, easy packaging solutions are designed to reduce customer stress and effort in the opening and disposing of a package. Through careful design, businesses can provide an easy unboxing experience while protecting their products during transit. By utilising easy packaging solutions, businesses can increase customer satisfaction as well as their overall customer experience.

Hassle-free packaging typically includes features such as easy open lids or tear points that allow customers to quickly and easily remove items from their packages – frustration-free. These packaging solutions are often made from paperboards, paper and laminated envelopes, kraft paper and multiple other biodegradable materials, meaning customers can recycle and contribute further to the green efforts of these hassle-free packaging options.

What are the benefits of Easy Packaging Solutions?

Implementing hassle-free packaging solutions has numerous benefits for businesses to increase customer satisfaction and experience.

This type of packaging is designed to be lightweight, which helps to reduce shipping costs for businesses. Additionally, using recyclable materials in this type of packaging reduces the environmental impact of traditional packaging methods.

Most customers are actively looking to work with sustainable companies, wanting to contribute to more eco-friendly processes, meaning the implementation of sustainable packaging alternatives provides customers with efficient packaging as well as peace of mind in knowing their choices are making positive changes.

Hassle-free packaging also allows companies to make their products stand out from competitors by providing an attractive and memorable unboxing experience that customers will remember long after opening their package. This helps create a strong brand image and encourages customers to use your easy packaging solutions time and time again.

Finally, these easy packaging solutions also provide businesses with greater protection against damage during transit, ensuring that customers receive their items in perfect condition. This helps businesses reduce the number of returns, increase profitability and ensure their customers are always happy!

At Weedon Direct, we are leading the way with our sustainable packaging alternatives that provide hassle free packaging solutions customers are always delighted to receive.

Our Twist Wrap Mailers are perfect for sending a variety of weights and sizes, with enhanced security to protect them from any damage that could occur. These Twist Wrap mailers are 100% recycled, quick to assemble, and offer an easy-open tear strip with buffer edge protection for extra strength, making them the perfect sustainable and easy packaging solution for all.

We offer a variety of sustainable package alternatives, from traditional cardboard boxes to eco-friendly honeycomb wraps! Get in contact today to see how Weedon Direct could provide you with sustainable packaging solutions for your business.

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Protecting Your Parcels & How to Prevent Shipping Damage

As a business owner, you know the importance of delivering products on time and in perfect condition. But what happens when a package reaches its destination with damages? Not only will this cost you time and money, but it can also damage customer relationships. Knowing how to prevent shipping damages can help protect your business and keep customers happy. Here are some tips on how to prevent shipping damage.

Reasons for Parcel Damages

  • Ill-fitting packaging – When the box used to send the product is either too big or too small for the item being shipped, providing improper protection.
  • Poorly labelled packaging – For example, the mishandling of a fragile item or incorrect delivery attempts.
  • Water damage – This can occur when moisture enters the package and damages its contents.

How Shipping Damage Can Harm Your Business

Parcel damage costs money and affects customer satisfaction levels—the last thing you want is to have customers complaining about damaged items they received from your store, which can lead to negative reviews that overshadow your business’s strengths. Additionally, if a customer has to return an item due to parcel damage and reorder it again, this can affect your turnaround times, bottom line and shipping costs.

Ways to Prevent eCommerce Shipping Damages:

  1. Use the Right Packaging Materials
    Using suitable packaging materials is essential for ensuring that your product arrives safely at its destination. Make sure you choose the correct size box or container for the item you’re shipping so it can stay intact in transit due to a poor fit. Consider upgrading to double wall corrugated boxes for your packaging for greater strength and durability, which are perfect for heavier or more fragile items. Also, ensure fragile items are securely secured, so they don’t move around too much during transport; this will help reduce the risk of breakage or other damage when goods during shipping. Lastly, use quality packaging materials such as honeycomb wrap, which can help protect against shocks or bumps during transit. Honeycomb wrap is a fantastic, eco-friendly substitute to bubble wrap that provides excellent cushioning for items when being shipped. Our honeycomb wrap is 100% recyclable too, which can help enhance your business’s green credentials.
  2. Check the maximum weight of your box
    It is vital that before purchasing boxes for your item, you double-check the maximum weight they can handle and weigh items beforehand. If you choose packaging that can’t take the load, your items will likely get damaged during delivery.
  3. Correctly Label Fragile Items
    When sending fragile items through the post, it’s essential to make sure they are correctly labelled so that handlers know how best to treat them during transit—failure to do this could result in items being thrown around carelessly, which could easily cause breakage or other forms of damage (notwithstanding any external factors like bad weather).
  4. Provide Robust Delivery Options
    Offering customers robust delivery options such as express or next-day delivery can increase their satisfaction with your service, which ensures that goods are delivered quickly and efficiently, so there is less risk of them being damaged in transit due to delays or mishandling. Additionally, consider using tracked deliveries. Tracked shipping helps you (and the customer) monitor packages throughout their journey from pick up to delivery.

No one wants to receive a damaged parcel; accidents can happen, but many can usually be avoidable. Check out Weedon’s wide shipping box selection, including our double wall corrugated boxes, postal tubes for posters, to eco-friendly flexi-hex bottle packs for the ultimate protection against glass bottle breakages. And for extra security, discover our eco-friendly substitute for bubblewrap. Unsure of what you might need to prevent shipping damage? Get in touch with our team today, who will be happy to assist you!

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Why choose sustainable e-commerce postal packaging?

What does the data say?

The UK is the world’s third largest market for e-commerce, with e-commerce sales in the UK rising by 35% between 2014-2019. It has been forecast to rise again by a huge 34.7%, from 2019 to the end of 2021.

Whilst e-commerce sales leads to an increase in packaging, this will result in the amount of waste also set to increase. New research from Citeo & Ipsos found that 92% of people expect a package that is appropriately sized for the product. Yet 75% of UK shoppers were left frustrated with excessive packaging and wanted retailers to reduce the volume of packaging used.

A recent survey discovered that UK consumers are willing to act if they don’t think a retailer is doing enough to become more sustainable. 42% of UK consumers would consider avoiding a retailer if they were not trying to reduce their use of non-recyclable packaging.

With the rise in e-commerce not stopping and the importance to reduce unnecessary waste, when possible, the importance of sustainable packaging has become more important than ever before.

What to look out for when securing a sustainable packaging supplier?

To find a trustworthy sustainable packaging supplier, it is important to look out for the companies accreditations and environmental policy.

FSC are deemed as a trustworthy certification, so when a company is FSC Certified, you know you can buy from them with confidence that they are helping to ensure our forests are alive for generations to come. We are proud to be an FSC Certified Manufacturer and we recognise that we have a responsibility to preserve, conserve and sustain the world we live in, both today and for the future, so sustainability is central to everything we do.

Being an FSC certified manufacturer means that we can guarantee you that we supply packaging from a minimum of 70% recycled materials.

We design packaging to minimise its impact on the environment at every stage of the supply chain, specifying eco-friendly board grades and weights and avoiding the use of unnecessary materials.

What are the advantages of sustainable e-commerce packaging?

1. Increasing your brand awareness

A survey Deloitte conducted, showed that over the last 12 months up to 34% of consumers are choosing brands that have environmentally sustainable practices/values.

With consumer behaviour shifting, customers are becoming more conscious of purchasing from brands who use sustainable packaging. Sustainable packaging has become one of the key areas for companies to express their commitment in protecting our environment. It has also become a marketing and branding tool to inform customers that your business truly cares about the environment.

2. Save money

Sustainable packaging materials are normally lightweight and durable, meaning delivery costs can be at a minimum. Additionally, as we can ensure packaging to fit your product rather than supplying over-sized packaging, we will also save you money on cost of material, whilst reducing waste simultaneously.

3. Reduces your carbon footprint

As corrugated packaging is made from recycled materials, this type of packaging is one of the best solutions to lower your carbon footprint.

Here are just some of the ways as to why our packaging is sustainable and can reduce your carbon footprint:

  • 100% recyclable and biodegradable material
  • The precious fibres are recycled to make new corrugated packaging
  • On average, a new box contains 88% recycled content
  • Paper fibres can be recycled 25 times or more
  • Optimising the use of packaging material
  • Easy to sort as mono-material (paper-based materials)
  • Packaging is easily folded and flattened, ready to be collected for recycling.

Interested in switching to sustainable packaging?

If you are looking to switch to sustainable packaging for a certain product, please get in touch with us here so we can help you find the right box for you. Alternatively, please visit our sustainable e-commerce packaging range.

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Single Wall vs Double Wall Cardboard Boxes – which is best for your product?

It’s all a matter of thickness. Single wall has one layer of fluted material between two boards (below left), whilst double wall has two layers (below right). Double wall boxes can provide extra protection for more fragile or heavier goods as they are made from two layers of fluted material, rather than single wall which is made from just the one. Whilst double wall boxes can hold up to 25kg in weight, single wall boxes can still provide the right protection for most products as they can hold up to 10kg in weight and are the more cost-effective solution out of the two types of boxes. Double wall does provide extra protection for your products, which results in a slightly higher price for double the material/protection.

Questions to consider when choosing which box suits your business…

  1. Will these boxes be shipped by courier or used for transit?
  2. How heavy are the goods you are using these boxes for?
  3. How fragile are the goods you are using these boxes for/ does your products need protection?
Which cardboard box provides the best protection?

Double Wall provides extra protection with double the material compared to single wall boxes and can hold up to 25kg in weight. Therefore, double wall can handle heavy, fragile or products that are being stored for a long period. Also, if your product is going through various transport processes such as warehouse and shipping, these double wall boxes are strong and durable enough to withstand any potential damage. For lighter and less fragile products, single wall boxes can still provide the right protection and can hold up to 10kg in weight.

Cost-effective solution, single or double wall?

Single wall provides the best cost-effective solution compared to double wall. Double wall boxes are generally more expensive as you are getting double the material compared to single wall. As we manufacture our own boxes, we can provide you with the best value on all cardboard boxes.
We also have our ‘specials‘ section, where we offer various bespoke sizes on sale, in stock, until sold out.

Why should you consider single wall cardboard boxes?

Single wall boxes are an excellent choice for general purpose storage, packaging and shipping. Our single wall boxes are suitable for commercial, domestic and industrial users. They are manufactured on site using high quality British corrugated cardboard. They are sturdy, durable and environmentally friendly; 100% recyclable and re-usable.
Our single wall boxes are delivered flat-packed enabling them to be convenient to store, whilst they are easy to assemble by taping the flaps. With a variety of sizes whether it’s an archive box, a small gift box or a moving out box, we have a size to suit your needs.

Why should you consider double wall cardboard boxes?

Manufactured with a double layer of corrugated cardboard and finished with thick brown paper on each side, the double wall cardboard box is the reliable solution for heavy-duty packaging requirements. The additional cardboard layer provides extra strength allowing it to withstand heavier loads and handling for storing and transporting goods.

The perfect solution for industrial environments where processing heavy loads is an everyday occurrence, the robust, reinforced sides deliver a reliable, sturdy and durable container for heavy items. In addition to their resistance to compression and stack ability, the double wall box is the safest option for ensuring goods are well-protected, wherever they’re heading.

Single wall or double wall boxes for moving out?

Designed for light to medium duty use, our single wall boxes are the ideal packaging for house removals, when storing, sorting and moving items. With their strong sides, when packed appropriately, these boxes can be safely stacked on top of one another to maximise the use of space without the box losing its integrity and collapsing.

However, for fragile or heavy items when moving out, we recommend purchasing our double wall boxes to ensure your items have a strong, durable protection. These double wall boxes can be used to transport delicate or fragile items that are prone to damage as the extra layer gives added cushioning to absorb impacts.

Cardboard Boxes
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Letterbox friendly postal packaging – Royal Mail PiP Boxes

Our range of letterbox friendly postal packaging are designed to minimise shipping costs but also to reduce waste by minimising the amount of packaging you use.

Why choose our manufactured postal boxes?

  • Quick & easy to assemble.
  • Strong durable protection.
  • FSC-certified as sourced from sustainable forests.
  • Minimise shipping costs.
  • Reduce your packaging waste.
  • Delivered flat-packed, easy to assemble.
  • We provide huge value by purchasing directly from us, the manufacturer.

Royal Mail PiP Packaging Guide

To help clarify the Royal Mail PiP guidelines, we have put together this table which includes all of the maximum dimensions for each PiP category.

PiP DescriptionPiP Max SizePiP Max LengthPiP Max WidthPiP Max DepthPiP Max WeightExamples of Items
Large Letter353 x 250 x 25mm353mm (35.5cm)250mm (25cm)25mm (2.5cm)750g (0.75kg)Greetings Cards, Folded letters, postcards, CD’s, DVD’s, magazines, certificates.
Small Parcel450 x 350 x 160mm450mm (45cm)350mm (35cm)160mm (16cm)2000g (2kg)Clothing, portable speakers, mobile phones.
Medium Parcel610 x 460 x 460mm610mm (61cm)460mm (46cm)460mm (46cm)20kgGifts, shoes, heavy or bulky items
Large Parcel1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5m*1500mm (1.5m)*1500mm (1.5m)*1500mm (1.5m)*30kgFragile items that require a high level of protection.
PiP Tubes900mm*900mm (90cm)1040mm (when 2 x dia + Length)**1040mm (when 2 x dia + Length)**(various)**Rolled posters, artwork, wallpaper, rolled documents.

* Large Parcel Sizes are a maximum of 3000mm (3m) with the length and depth combined.

** PiP Tubes can’t be more than 1040mm when adding the length and two times the diameter. i.e. (120mm dia x 2) + 800mm length = 1040mm Max PiP Tube Size.

Our range of packaging which accommodates each PiP Category

Our Pricing in Proportion (or PIP) Boxes are specifically designed to fit through the 25mm slot that Royal Mail class as a large letter. Three of our five postal box sizes below fit through the 25mm large letter size slot, which will minimise your postal costs, along with your speed to pack, with these lightweight, easy to assemble, postal boxes. Delivered to you flat packed for easy storage and delivery.

PiP DescriptionSuitable postal products from our range
Large LetterA5/C5 Postal Boxes
DL Postal Boxes
A6/C6 Postal Boxes

C7 Postal Boxes
Peel & Seal Postal Boxes – 220 x 190 x 19mm
Peel & Seal Postal Boxes – 240 x 210 x 19mm
Peel & Seal Postal Boxes – 347x 242 x 19mm
Small ParcelPostal Boxes-300 x 250 x 100mm
Postal Boxes – 150 x 150 x 60mm
A6/C6 Twist Wraps – 195 x 140 x 80mm
A5 Twist Wraps – 305 x 203 x 80mm
A4 Twist Wraps – 300 x 300 x 105mm
A5 Book Wrap Mailers – 251 x 185 x 60mm
A4 Book Wrap Mailers – 310 x 250 x 70mm
A5/C5 Envelope Mailers 140 x 195mm
A5 Envelope Mailers – 194 x 292mm

A4 Envelope Mailers – 238 x 358mm
C4 Envelope Mailers – 234 x 292mm
C3 Envelope Mailers – 278 x 400mm
Medium ParcelA3 Book Wrap Mailers – 430 x 380 x 90mm
A2/C2 Envelope Mailers – 626 x 450 x 40mm
Single Wall Cardboard Boxes – Range of Sizes

Large Parcel

Double Wall Cardboard Boxes – Range of Sizes
PiP TubesTriangular Postal Tubes – Range of sizes
Royal Mail Letterbox Friendly Packaging
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Sustainability tips for Easter

Springtime is a time of rebirth and regeneration for nature, but it can also be a time of unnecessary waste during the Easter holiday. Luckily, becoming more sustainable for our planet doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying your chocolate treats or reducing the consumption of food this Easter. Instead, we provide you three sustainable solutions that can remarkably help reduce the impact of our environment, whilst digging into some tasty treats!

1. Indulge in palm oil free Chocolate

Palm oil is a vegetable oil sourced from oil palm trees, used as a cheap substitute in packaged foods. Harvesting palm oil has resulted in widespread deforestation, primarily in Indonesia and Malaysia. In turn, this has left elephants, orangutans and rhinos on the brink of extinction.

It is estimated that 98% of Indonesian forests will be gone in 5 years. As well as driving species extinction, deforestation on this scale is releasing huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, contributing directly to climate change.

Unfortunately, it is estimated that 50% of the products on our supermarket shelves include palm oil. However, one of the more popular Easter treats, chocolate, can be consumed free from palm oil. Whitakers have been providing us high-quality chocolate for over 130 years. Even better, every single chocolate Whitakers make are with palm free oil!

Treat yourself or someone special to a ‘Happy Easter’ (Palm oil free) chocolate bar!

Happy Easter Milk Chocolate Bar (90g) | Whitakers Chocolates

Palm oil free chocolate

2. Compost Eggshells (Reduce your food waste)

Easter time means more eggshells lying around than usual. This Easter find alternative disposal methods for your food waste. For example if at home, you can compost eggshells, along with many other foods, to eventually produce soil to be used in your garden. If you don’t have space for a compost heap, ask your local council for a food waste bin.

Alternatively, why not introduce your business to a specialist food waste collection and disposal service. Grundon Waste Management offer a dedicated food waste service where collected food waste is sent to Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facilities. At the AD facilities, naturally occurring organisms break down the food waste to produce biogas, which is then converted into renewable electricity and fed into the National Grid; in addition to providing fertiliser which is used for agriculture and land regeneration.

This specialist process results in dramatically reducing our carbon footprint, allowing us to all become more sustainable for our planet.

Read more on how Grundon can reduce your carbon footprint and your costs.

Food Waste Collection & Recycling – Grundon

Reducing food waste

3. Avoid Egg-cessive packaging

We love packaging – but we know you can have too much of a good thing!

Did you know that each year, more than 8,000 tonnes of waste is generated just from Easter egg packaging and cards alone?

Using unnecessary materials & causing excessive waste is a big concern regarding the protection of our planet. With our right-sizing process we make sure our customers minimise packaging without compromising the performance or protection of your product.  

Read more on our packaging reduction process.

Packaging Reduction – Weedon Group – Packaging Solutions

Avoid excessive packaging
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Sustainability tips for Mother’s Day

It’s that time of the year where we show how much we love, care & appreciate our mums.

However, due to covid-19, things might pan out a little different this year. Every year, ranging from cards to roses, there are many gifts sent out to mums around the world at this time of the year. However, the downside to this, is that this results in huge amounts of CO2 emissions, paper and plastic packaging waste, often sent to landfill. This sounds like a negative response to Mother’s Day, but in actual fact there is no better opportunity than this year to even just consider an eco-friendlier gift to help protect our planet.

Here are some of our sustainable tips for you for Mother’s Day.

1.Ditch the Mother’s Day cards

Did you know that one greetings card produces an estimated 140g of carbon dioxide? This is a huge amount considering that billions of cards are sold worldwide every year. Unless you are extremely sentimental, you probably throw your cards away, or at least store them in a drawer that you only open once in a blue moon.

During covid-19, there has been a huge shift towards online e-commerce and particularly when discussing Mother’s Day cards, e-commerce has helped offer an eco-friendlier alternative to replace paper cards this year. There are now are several online eCard sites available that allows you to personalise & design your own paperless card. In addition to this, a paperless card means no impact on our environment!

If you are someone who has always sent a paper card & appreciates the physical presence of giving your mum a card, then why not make one yourself? A handmade card would be just as meaningful and thoughtful to design one yourself, which again would also play its part in reducing the damaging impact on our environment.  

Mothers Day Cards

2. Homemade jewellery

Most mother’s love jewellery. What better way to show appreciation of your mum on Mother’s Day by sending her a handmade personalised jewellery gift? Although these types of shops may be closed on your local high-street, there are a number of online handmade jewellery gift shops. A number of these handmade jewellery stores are highly ethical for the environment, with recyclable materials and eco-friendly gift jewellery/ gift boxes.

Homemade Jewellery

3. Eco-friendly flowers

Again, with your local florist most likely in temporary lockdown due to the pandemic, there are plenty of e-florists open online. Additionally, some of these e-florists offer eco-friendly flowers, that look just as beautiful as normal ones, but also help reduce the impact on our environment.

Eco-friendly & fair-trade flowers have a lower carbon footprint, use less water and protect our environment.

Eco-Friendly Flowers

4. Reusable Coffee Cup

If your mum is a coffee lover then this would be a perfect gift this Mother’s Day. On average, over 7 million single use coffee cups are consumed each day worldwide. That equated to approximately 2.5 billion per year, at huge costs both financially and environmentally. A reusable coffee cup helps save the disposal of non-recyclable coffee cups that your mum may get through regularly.

Reusable coffee cup

5. Eco-friendly soaps

Natural handmade soaps protect the environment from poisoning it with the toxic chemicals contained in normal soaps. An eco-friendly company called Friendly Soap make their soaps using the cold process method ensuring all soap bars are kind to the skin & easy on the earth. Visit the friendly soap website for more products as they currently have a wide range of soaps perfect for a Mother’s Day gift this year!

Handmade soaps | Natural & clean beautifully with a velvety smooth lather. (

Eco-Friendly Soaps