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The Eco-Friendly Alternative to Bubble Mailers

As one of the leading UK Independent Manufacturers of Corrugated Packaging in the UK, we take pride in driving new innovations that provide our customers with some of the best value, quality and eco-friendliness. We have set our sights on achieving all three of those values below, with our range of Envelope Mailers.

The plastic bubble mailers have always been one of the most popular mailers in the industry. However, in comparison to your traditional bubble mailer (further details below), our envelope mailers are simply better on price AND better for our planet. 🌍♻

Available from stock in a range of sizes between A5 (140 x 195mm) all the way to A2 (451 x 626mm), means there is no reason why you shouldn’t choose plastic-free mailers today!

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The Weedon Direct Guide To Choosing The Right Board Grade

The choice of material for your packaging can make a big difference to supply chain efficiency, as well as its impact on shelf and your carbon footprint. The right corrugated board can also save you money.

Different board grades can offer different levels of protection for your product, but how would you know if your packaging was over or under specced? Is it something you think about and do you know what different board grades can do for you?

Board grade can also affect print quality. So, if you need a crisp, precise print, it’s worth thinking about how the board grade you use can achieve the finish you want.

At the Weedon Group, because we are an independent, integrated manufacturer, we have a wide range of board grades available to suit your needs! We manufacture our own corrugated board in-house which ensures that we always have the exactly the right materials available for your packaging.

Here is our basic guide to the properties of different board grades and how they could be applied to suit your requirements:

Double wall combinations

Liners and fluting medium can be combined to produce single wall board, double wall board or even triple wall board:

•    Single Wall Board – 2 liners and single flute

•    Double Wall Board – 3 liners and double flutes

•    Triple Wall Board – 4 liners and three flutes

The fluting of double wall board can be made of different paperboards, giving rise to combinations such as:

•    BC double wall – 7mm in thickness, gives excellent all round performances, most often seen in shipping cases where a high protection level is required.

•    EB double wall – 4.8mm in thickness, gives excellent performance in both print finish and impact protection.

•    LE double wall (Less-flute combined with E-flute) – 3.8mm in thickness, offers the Point of Sale display market a fully recycled display board grade, which is also more space-efficient than the traditional EB option.

What we can do for you….

Of course, there are no substitutes for talking to qualified packaging experts to find the best board grades to suit your needs.

We have the flexibility of manufacturing our own board and we have a state of the art, on site testing facility! 

If you would like to know how we can save you money, reduce your carbon footprint and improve your print, get in touch today.

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Guide To Choosing The Right Packing Tape

Choosing the right tape can be difficult. That’s why we have provided a guide to help you understand the right packing tape for your needs.

Whether you are looking for a cost-effective, strong/durable or eco-friendly tape option, we have a wide range in stock.

Self-Adhesive Paper Tape

This self-adhesive tape is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic paper tape. It’s made from 100% recycled materials and is completely recyclable and biodegradable.

A low-cost, plastic free parcel tape that has a solvent self-adhesive backing that works in the same way as traditional polypropylene tape but without the plastic. Ideal for light to medium duty sealing tasks, this easy-tear paper tape offers a strong adhesion to a wide range of packaging surfaces.

Self-Adhesive Paper Tape

Standard Packing Tape

If you are looking for a standard cost-effective tape, this is the ideal solution for you. There is no harm in saving money and using a tape that gets the job done, but please note this tape is not suitable for recycled board and should only be used where the conditions are dry and consistently room temperature.

Standard Packing Tape

Fragile Tape

If you are sending heavy, valuable or easily breakable items, sometimes it is important to make sure the receiver needs to know it is, and maybe even more importantly, if you are using a courier to handle delivery/transport to your customer or end-user, this message ensures they take the care your item needs.

Cost-effective and a perfect addition to your packing operation.

Fragile Tape

Eco-friendly branded self-adhesive packaging tape

This self-adhesive tape is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic paper tape. It’s made from 100% recycled materials and is completely recyclable and biodegradable.

Show off your eco-friendly credentials, with our printed ‘Delivered in Planet Friendly Packaging’ tape. You can also get in touch for custom branding on this 100% recyclable tape.

Eco-friendly branded self-adhesive packaging tape

Gummed Tape

Provides unmatched security and resilience. Instead of having to order the gummed paper-tape dispenser, minimise costs and order our already water-activated gummed eco-friendly tapes.

The tape is tamper evident and is also tolerant of storage temperature fluctuations and generally the most cost effective carton sealing tape available.

Gummed Tape

Clear Tape

Arguably the most cost-effective tape we have in stock, this is also one of the most versatile tapes you can use, as they are almost invisible on the surfaces they are applied to.

Clear tape can especially be effective on branded boxes, as it doesn’t cover any of your branding unlike other tapes.

Clear Tape

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Plant Based Packaging

At Weedon Direct, we champion the use of corrugated board at the forefront of sustainable packaging materials, particularly in the current climate as companies and end consumers look to diversify from the use of plastic materials.

As part of an awareness campaign, we want our customers to know, when they buy packaging from us it’s fully recyclable and made from sustainably sourced natural resources (aka Trees!).

Our new plant based logo is designed to reinforce the natural origins of corrugated board as a packaging material and it’s recyclability as part of a circular economy.

Plant Based Eco-Friendly Packaging

What does ‘Plant Based Packaging’ actually mean?

Plant based packaging is compostable and doesn’t contribute to landfill. The environmental benefits of using compostable packaging are substantial. Plant based packaging requires less carbon to produce, reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill and produces no toxins as it breaks down. The business benefits are sometimes overlooked, but are just as significant. Eco-friendly packaging not only reflects well on your overall company image, but also suggests a higher quality product. More and more people are acting on their concerns for the environment by ‘going green’. For this reason, plant-based packaging is also likely to expand your customer base, and improve your brands eco-credentials.

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How to Reduce Shipping Costs for Small Businesses

Shipping can be expensive for small businesses because they typically have smaller order volumes and fewer resources than larger companies. Additionally, many small businesses don’t have access to the same discounts from carriers as larger companies. Carriers often require a certain amount of volume before offering significant savings on shipping rates, which small businesses may be unable to fulfil.

So how can small businesses reduce shipping costs? Below we explain how small businesses can save money on small business shipping, lower overhead costs and protect profit margins!

What makes up shipping costs?
Shipping costs refer to the expenses incurred when fulfilling and delivering a package. This includes the cost of packaging materials, carrier rates, and any other charges that may arise during the process. In ecommerce, shipping costs can fluctuate depending on various factors, such as the weight and size of the items being shipped and the distance they have to travel to reach their destination.

How to reduce the weight of packages to reduce shipping costs

Weight is important when shipping packages to customers. A heavier package will cost more to ship and reduce overall profit margins, making it essential for small businesses to reduce shipping costs. There are several ways for small business owners to reduce their package weights, including:

  • Use lightweight boxes and packaging.Whenever possible, use lightweight packaging such as corrugated boxes (link). Corrugated boxes have rows of small air-filled grooves between the inner and outer layers of the box. This can reduce the overall weight of your package, allowing you to save money on shipping without sacrificing the protection of your items.
  • Choose lightweight packing materials.
    There are many types of packaging materials available that protect products while being shipped. Still, you want to keep this material as light as possible to reduce the overall cost of shipping. Loose fill biodegradable packing chips (or packing peanuts), are designed to secure goods within the shipping carton and protect your items during transit. They are perfect for filling that extra space in boxes before shipment and are a sustainable, compostable and biodegradable void-fill solution. Bubble wrap is a good lightweight option, but isn’t a sustainable product, instead, consider honeycomb paper wrap as an eco-friendly & cost-effective alternative to plastic bubble wrap cushioning.
  • Reduce the size of the packaging.
    The cost of packaging can quickly mount up and significantly reduce the potential profits from every sale. Using the right size packaging means you only have to use the needed amount. Also, your packaging materials stretch further as less is required to fill space in larger boxes. You can pack more products for the same cost as fewer products with standardised box sizes.

Utilise flat-rate shipping options
In flat-rate shipping, shipping costs are the same regardless of the weight, shape, or size of the item. The immediate benefit of flat-rate shipping is the reduction of variable costs. You know beforehand how much shipping 10 items within the specified weight range will cost. By utilising these flat rate options whenever possible, small businesses can reduce their overall shipping costs while ensuring that all packages arrive at their destination safely and on time.

Shipping costs can be a significant burden for small businesses, but there are several ways to reduce them. By using lightweight, correctly-sized boxes, such as corrugated boxes, and packaging materials, like biodegradable packing chips, you can reduce the weight of your packages while still protecting your items during transit. Additionally, utilising flat-rate shipping options whenever possible will help convert variable costs into fixed ones so that you know exactly how much it’ll cost regardless of size or shape. With these tips in mind, small business owners should have no problem finding ways to reduce their shipping costs!

If you need assistance finding the packaging to reduce the cost of your small business shipping, contact Weedon Direct today.

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What is Royal Mail PiP Packaging?

PiP packaging, also known as Pricing in Proportion, is a packaging model used by businesses and online retailers in order to offer customers more cost-effective services when they send packages. This packaging model began to be used in the late 1990s as parcel delivery companies started to recognise the potential of this type of pricing model. It has since been adopted by numerous companies offering shipping solutions and is now widely used for domestic and international deliveries.

This concept works by weighing the items being sent and charging the customer only for what is actually being shipped. This can be beneficial for customers who need to ship items of varying sizes, as it allows them to save money on postage costs that would otherwise have been significantly higher

Under the PiP Packaging structure, all mail will be split into 4 different categories, these are:

  • Small or medium letters
  • Large letters
  • Small, medium and large parcels
  • Tubes

The prices are then calculated according to each of their size, weight and thickness to ensure customers are only paying for exactly what they are sending.

Unsure which of the PiP Packaging solutions you will need? You can use this Packaging guide.

What are the advantages of using Shipping Solutions like Royal Mail PiP Packaging?

More cost-effective options for customers when sending packages.
Royal Mail began using Pricing in Proportion (PiP) in order to provide customers with more cost-effective shipping solutions when sending packages. By weighing the items being shipped and charging the customer based on the actual weight of what is being sent, customers are able to save money compared to if each item was priced individually.

Reductions in overall shipping costs for bulk orders.
Companies can make use of this packaging model for bulk shipping orders, which can help reduce overall shipping costs. The type of pricing model that PiP Packaging provides also helps businesses by streamlining the process and eliminating any discrepancies that may arise from having multiple pricing structures for different types of goods and services.

Streamlined process and fewer discrepancies from different pricing structures.
The PiP Packaging structure ensures fewer discrepancies by making it easier for businesses to accurately calculate their shipping costs and the total price of all items shipped. This is because, rather than determining separate prices for each item, the PiP model only requires businesses to set a single price per unit of weight. This means customers are charged a single rate regardless of the number or weight of items they order, removing any potential discrepancy from different pricing structures.

Direct, offering end-to-end sustainable packaging solutions, supply a variety of easy-fold postal boxes that adhere to the Royal Mail PiP packaging criteria, perfect for sending CDs, Books and Gifts, all while remaining cost-effective and environmentally friendly!

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How Easy Packaging Solutions Help Customer Experience

When it comes to packaging, hassle-free is the way to go. Hassle-free, easy packaging solutions are designed to reduce customer stress and effort in the opening and disposing of a package. Through careful design, businesses can provide an easy unboxing experience while protecting their products during transit. By utilising easy packaging solutions, businesses can increase customer satisfaction as well as their overall customer experience.

Hassle-free packaging typically includes features such as easy open lids or tear points that allow customers to quickly and easily remove items from their packages – frustration-free. These packaging solutions are often made from paperboards, paper and laminated envelopes, kraft paper and multiple other biodegradable materials. Therefore, customers can recycle and contribute further to the green efforts of these hassle-free packaging options.

What are the benefits of Easy Packaging Solutions?

Implementing hassle-free packaging solutions has numerous benefits for businesses to increase customer satisfaction and experience.

This type of packaging is designed to be lightweight, which helps to reduce shipping costs for businesses. Additionally, using recyclable materials in this type of packaging reduces the environmental impact of traditional packaging methods.

Most customers are actively looking to work with sustainable companies, wanting to contribute to more eco-friendly processes. As a result, sustainable packaging alternatives offer customers efficient packaging and peace of mind in knowing their choices are making positive changes.

Hassle-free packaging also allows companies to make their products stand out from competitors by providing an attractive and memorable unboxing experience that customers will remember long after opening their package. This helps create a strong brand image and encourages customers to use your easy packaging solutions time and time again.

Finally, these easy packaging solutions also provide businesses with greater protection against damage during transit, ensuring that customers receive their items in perfect condition. This helps businesses reduce the number of returns, increase profitability and ensure their customers are always happy!

At Weedon Direct, we are leading the way with our sustainable packaging alternatives that provide hassle free packaging solutions that customers are always glad to receive.

Consider Twist Wrap Mailers

Our Twist Wrap Mailers are perfect for sending a variety of products at a range of weights and sizes. Their enhanced security protects them from any damage that could occur. These mailers are 100% recyclable, quick to assemble, and offer an easy-open tear strip with buffer edge protection for extra strength. This makes them the perfect sustainable and easy packaging solution for all.

We offer a variety of sustainable package alternatives, from traditional cardboard boxes to eco-friendly honeycomb wraps! Get in contact today to see how Weedon Direct could provide you with sustainable packaging solutions for your business.

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Protecting Your Parcels & How to Prevent Shipping Damage

As a business owner, you know the importance of delivering products on time and in perfect condition. But what happens when a package reaches its destination with damages? Not only will this cost you time and money, but it can also damage customer relationships. Knowing how to prevent shipping damages can help protect your business and keep customers happy. Here are some tips on how to prevent shipping damage.

Reasons for Parcel Damages

  • Ill-fitting packaging – When the box used to send the product is either too big or too small for the item being shipped, providing improper protection.
  • Poorly labelled packaging – For example, the mishandling of a fragile item or incorrect delivery attempts.
  • Water damage – This can occur when moisture enters the package and damages its contents.

How Shipping Damage Can Harm Your Business

Parcel damage costs money and affects customer satisfaction levels—the last thing you want is to have customers complaining about damaged items they received from your store, which can lead to negative reviews that overshadow your business’s strengths. Additionally, if a customer has to return an item due to parcel damage and reorder it again, this can affect your turnaround times, bottom line and shipping costs.

Ways to Prevent eCommerce Shipping Damages:

  1. Use the Right Packaging Materials
    Using suitable packaging materials is essential for ensuring that your product arrives safely at its destination. Make sure you choose the correct size box or container for the item you’re shipping so it can stay intact in transit due to a poor fit. Consider upgrading to double wall corrugated boxes for your packaging for greater strength and durability, which are perfect for heavier or more fragile items. Also, ensure fragile items are securely secured, so they don’t move around too much during transport; this will help reduce the risk of breakage or other damage when goods during shipping. Lastly, use quality packaging materials such as honeycomb wrap, which can help protect against shocks or bumps during transit. Honeycomb wrap is a fantastic, eco-friendly substitute to bubble wrap that provides excellent cushioning for items when being shipped. Our honeycomb wrap is 100% recyclable too, which can help enhance your business’s green credentials.
  2. Check the maximum weight of your box
    It is vital that before purchasing boxes for your item, you double-check the maximum weight they can handle and weigh items beforehand. If you choose packaging that can’t take the load, your items will likely get damaged during delivery.
  3. Correctly Label Fragile Items
    When sending fragile items through the post, it’s essential to make sure they are correctly labelled so that handlers know how best to treat them during transit—failure to do this could result in items being thrown around carelessly, which could easily cause breakage or other forms of damage (notwithstanding any external factors like bad weather).
  4. Provide Robust Delivery Options
    Offering customers robust delivery options such as express or next-day delivery can increase their satisfaction with your service, which ensures that goods are delivered quickly and efficiently, so there is less risk of them being damaged in transit due to delays or mishandling. Additionally, consider using tracked deliveries. Tracked shipping helps you (and the customer) monitor packages throughout their journey from pick up to delivery.

No one wants to receive a damaged parcel; accidents can happen, but many can usually be avoidable. Check out Weedon’s wide shipping box selection, including our double wall corrugated boxes, postal tubes for posters, to eco-friendly flexi-hex bottle packs for the ultimate protection against glass bottle breakages. And for extra security, discover our eco-friendly substitute for bubblewrap. Unsure of what you might need to prevent shipping damage? Get in touch with our team today, who will be happy to assist you!

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Why choose sustainable e-commerce postal packaging?

What does the data say?

The UK is the world’s third largest market for e-commerce, with e-commerce sales in the UK rising by 35% between 2014-2019. It has been forecast to rise again by a huge 34.7%, from 2019 to the end of 2021.

Whilst e-commerce sales leads to an increase in packaging, this will result in the amount of waste also set to increase. New research from Citeo & Ipsos found that 92% of people expect a package that is appropriately sized for the product. Yet 75% of UK shoppers were left frustrated with excessive packaging and wanted retailers to reduce the volume of packaging used.

A recent survey discovered that UK consumers are willing to act if they don’t think a retailer is doing enough to become more sustainable. 42% of UK consumers would consider avoiding a retailer if they were not trying to reduce their use of non-recyclable packaging.

With the rise in e-commerce not stopping and the importance to reduce unnecessary waste, when possible, the importance of sustainable packaging has become more important than ever before.

What to look out for when securing a sustainable packaging supplier?

To find a trustworthy sustainable packaging supplier, it is important to look out for the companies accreditations and environmental policy.

FSC are deemed as a trustworthy certification, so when a company is FSC Certified, you know you can buy from them with confidence that they are helping to ensure our forests are alive for generations to come. We are proud to be an FSC Certified Manufacturer and we recognise that we have a responsibility to preserve, conserve and sustain the world we live in, both today and for the future, so sustainability is central to everything we do.

Being an FSC certified manufacturer means that we can guarantee you that we supply packaging from a minimum of 70% recycled materials.

We design packaging to minimise its impact on the environment at every stage of the supply chain, specifying eco-friendly board grades and weights and avoiding the use of unnecessary materials.

What are the advantages of sustainable e-commerce packaging?

1. Increasing your brand awareness

A survey Deloitte conducted, showed that over the last 12 months up to 34% of consumers are choosing brands that have environmentally sustainable practices/values.

With consumer behaviour shifting, customers are becoming more conscious of purchasing from brands who use sustainable packaging. Sustainable packaging has become one of the key areas for companies to express their commitment in protecting our environment. It has also become a marketing and branding tool to inform customers that your business truly cares about the environment.

2. Save money

Sustainable packaging materials are normally lightweight and durable, meaning delivery costs can be at a minimum. Additionally, as we can ensure packaging to fit your product rather than supplying over-sized packaging, we will also save you money on cost of material, whilst reducing waste simultaneously.

3. Reduces your carbon footprint

As corrugated packaging is made from recycled materials, this type of packaging is one of the best solutions to lower your carbon footprint.

Here are just some of the ways as to why our packaging is sustainable and can reduce your carbon footprint:

  • 100% recyclable and biodegradable material
  • The precious fibres are recycled to make new corrugated packaging
  • On average, a new box contains 88% recycled content
  • Paper fibres can be recycled 25 times or more
  • Optimising the use of packaging material
  • Easy to sort as mono-material (paper-based materials)
  • Packaging is easily folded and flattened, ready to be collected for recycling.

Interested in switching to sustainable packaging?

If you are looking to switch to sustainable packaging for a certain product, please get in touch with us here so we can help you find the right box for you. Alternatively, please visit our sustainable e-commerce packaging range.