Tapes, Wraps & Void Fill

We now offer a range of tapes, wraps & void fill solutions, all cost-effective eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic tapes, wraps & void fill.

We have a choice of self-adhesive kraft tapes or gummed paper tapes, both fully recyclable and provide excellent adhesion whilst considering the environmental footprint.

Our void fill options include loose fill biodegradable packing chips (also known as packing peanuts), which are designed to secure goods within the shipping carton and protect your items during transit.

We also now offer honeycomb wrap which is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap. This product is perfect for wrapping & packing any product, even if it’s fragile. There’s no need for tape or glue when you use the honeycomb wrap dispenser – this honeycomb wrap interlocks with itself easily and provides great cushioning for any item you’re shipping. We also offer the honeycomb wrap dispenser which will ensure your operations will be running smoothly and won’t be relying on plastic to protect your fragile items.