BDCM Cardboard Boxes

Our standard BDCM (Bulk Distribution Carton Metric) cardboard boxes are the industry standard for the retail and clothing industry.

Available in a range of sizes, manufactured by us with high-quality single wall cardboard material. Popular within the clothing and retail industry, our BDCM cardboard boxes have clear printed black text on one side of the box, including space for supplier, catalogue number, colour and size.

Made from high quality single wall B200KT corrugated board. Delivered flat packed, ready to assemble.

BDCM Cardboard Boxes
Size (Length x Width x Height)Size (Length x Width x Height)Boxes per pack1-10 Packs11-19 Packs20+ PacksDetails
400 × 300 × 200 mmShow details
597 × 292 × 191 mmShow details
394 × 292 × 394 mmShow details
595 × 289 × 390 mmShow details