Envelope Mailers

Made with 100% recyclable materials this is also your ideal eco-friendly alternative compared to plastic mailer bags, our cardboard envelope mailers ensure high-quality protection for any flat items you may have that may also need extra depth.

Why choose our Envelope Mailers?

Our cost-effective mailers are designed to be expandable up to 40mm, making them a perfect packaging solution for a range of items including books, brochures, calendars, artwork, paperwork, textiles, documents, computer games etc.

Our mailers are designed to provide extra protection that normal envelopes don’t provide and are designed to fit through most letterboxes. Find out more on Royal Mail PiP Packaging here.

A permanent self-adhesive strip creates a tamper proof seal and there is and easy-open tear strip to help customers to access goods quickly. This also means packing is quick and easy with no need for extra void fill. The compact design also reduces postage costs compared with using larger boxes.