CD, DVD & Vinyl Packaging


  • Designed to send DVD’s & CD’s safely and securely.
  • Expandable depth of up to 40mm and designed to fit through most letterboxes.
  • Manufactured with 100% recyclable material, this is the eco-friendly alternative compared to plastic mailer bags.
DVD/CD Envelopes


  • With a variable depth of up to 60mm, send up to five DVD/CD cases, or up to 50 DVD/CD discs.
  • With no need for packaging tape or void fill our mailers provide a protective, cost-effective & eco-friendly packaging solution to meet your business needs.
DVD/CD Mailers

Vinyl Mailers

  • Can send up to SIX separate 12″ Vinyl LP’s or NINE regular LP’s.
  • Designed with strength and protection in mind, including impact-buffer edges, strengthened corners, and variable depths to provide your vinyl’s with a snug fit, whether it’s one or six that you send out at a time.
Vinyl Mailers