Vinyl Mailers

With vinyl records in mind, our mailer has been designed to be the ultimate protection for your records during transport.

Designed to be the perfect fit for your vinyl records, books and other products.

Reliable, sturdy and cost-effective packaging!

  • These protective mailers can hold up to SIX separate 12″ Vinyl LP’s or NINE regular LP’s.
  • Designed with strength and protection in mind, including impact-buffer edges, strengthened corners, and variable depths to provide your vinyls with a snug fit, whether it’s one or six that you send out at a time.
  • This mailer includes a peel & seal strip making it easy and efficient for the end-user to open up our mailers.
  • All of our mailers are 100% recyclable and are FSC Certified.
  • Dimensions: 330 x 326 x 0-27mm (Length x width x height).
  • Sold in packs of 25, or pallet quantity of 750.
  • Manufactured by us with strong B150KT material.
  • No tape, bubble wrap or void fill required.