Single Wall Layer Pads

Corrugated single wall layer pads sheets keep your loaded pallet safe and steady, whether they are stocked for storage or ready to deliver in transit. Cardboard sheets are used when packing cartons to protect and separate layers of products, adding a little extra protection when packaging awkward and fragile goods. Single wall corrugated cardboard can be bent to add extra protection to edges and corners, particularly when strapping and pallet wrap is to be used.

  • Stability – Placed on the base of your pallet before loading, offering stability to your cartons.
  • Protection – On the base of your pallet, they will help protect stacks of cartons from water damage. Placed between layers of boxes, they will help cushion them. Our single wall are made with B flute (3mm thickness) or L Flute (2mm thickness).
  • Quality – Manufactured from the same high quality corrugated board as our single wall boxes.
  • Design – Our single wall layer pads are provided with the traditional square corners.