Gift Boxes

Shop our range of custom gift postal boxes, designed to help businesses like yours create an eye-catching and unique packaging design that’s sure to stand out.

Our boxes are designed with the customer in mind, offering personalised looks that will make them stand out from the competition. Our range comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your customers’ needs, and they’re made from durable materials such as corrugated cardboard for ultimate protection during shipping or storage

Leave a lasting impression with your customers, with our stylish reversible flood colour postal gift boxes!

Branded Packaging

The Wow! factor

External brown packaging disguises the value of the goods during transit. However, you can boost online sales if your customers open their boxes to reveal top quality printing and eye-catching designs, replicating the in-store experience at the front door. And it need not cost the earth! Our Weipong six-colour flexo-printer will print both sides in one pass (four colours on one side, two on the reverse), to offer high-quality printing inside the box cost-effectively.

Gift Box Packaging

Alternatively, by printing digitally, we can personalise small runs of packaging for e-Commerce retailers. For example, for marketing offers or competitions. Our Hanway digital machine prints to almost litho print quality, but it does so more economically. In addition, although all cardboard packaging is recyclable, because our printer uses water-based ink, it is especially environmentally-friendly. We can also add a high gloss finish, if required.

UK's leading independent manufacturer of Retail Ready Packaging and Point of Sale displays

As the UK’s leading independent manufacturer of Retail Ready Packaging and Point of Sale displays, we understand how important it is to make an impact and we apply all our in-store expertise to e-Commerce packaging.

  • For gift boxes
  • For luxury items
  • To enhance the online shopping experience
  • To increase brand awareness