About Us

The Weedon Group is an independent family-run group of businesses. We offer complete end-to-end corrugated packaging solutions covering everything from concept and creative design through manufacturing to in-house fulfilment and distribution, all in one place.

We have now made our generic range of boxes and packaging available through Weedon Direct, our new online packaging store where small businesses, organisations and individuals can buy direct from the manufacturer.

Sustainable packaging you can trust

We produce corrugated packaging for a variety of sectors including food distribution and display, eCommerce and industrial products. We provide clever, innovative and functional packaging solutions to keep products safe throughout the supply chain.

For the eCommerce market, we have our own brand of corrugated packaging – ePac. ePac is robust enough to withstand several, possibly long, trips and many more touch-points than in-store retail and still arrive in pristine condition. ePac has been conceived specifically to help eRetailers to:

  • Overcome practical challenges in the supply chain.
  • Control costs.
  • Impress consumers at the point of delivery.