Eco-Friendly Tapes

We have a choice of self-adhesive kraft tapes & gummed paper tapes which offer excellent adhesion whilst considering the environmental footprint. All of these tapes are eco-friendly & recyclable.

Self-adhesive hot melt paper tape – Our most cost-effective option which through the strong hotmelt adhesive will stick to cardboard surfaces with ease, giving you peace of mind when it comes to your parcels getting from A to B safely. This eco-friendlt tape also has a strong resistance to moisture & humidity.

Eco-friendly branded self-adhesive packaging tape – Improve your brand credentials by ordering our printed self-adhesive packaging tape option. This includes printed tape ‘DELIVERED IN PLANET FRIENDLY PACKAGING’.

Gummed Tape – Provides unmatched security and resilience. Instead of having to order the gummed paper-tape dispenser, minimise costs and order our already water-activated gummed eco-friendly tapes.

Tape Dispenser – Our tape dispenser is able to hold 48mm/50mm tape rolls width. Using a hand-held packing tape dispenser can increase your productivity and efficiency in the packaging process, decreasing the time it takes to seal boxes and reducing waste from the leftover tape.