Cardboard Postal Boxes

Our plain cardboard postal boxes represent an ideal, cost-effective solution. Made from high-quality single wall cardboard, which is 100% recyclable, these boxes are strong enough to withstand repeated handling during delivery and still arrive in pristine condition.

Lightweight but sturdy, our cardboard postal boxes are great for keeping costs down. Available in a choice of styles and suitable for a wide range of uses, they have proved an extremely popular choice with eCommerce, mailing and fulfilment companies.

If you are interested in specifically ordering Royal Mail PiP Boxes then please visit here. For advice and guidance on letterbox friendly postal packaging please read our article.

• Quick & easy to assemble.
• Strong protection.
• Made from FSC-certified sustainable sourced material, 100% recyclable.
• All sizes in stock, including fast 48-hour delivery.
• Delivered flat-packed, minimising space storage & easier to handle.