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Letterbox friendly postal packaging – Royal Mail PiP Boxes

Our range of letterbox friendly postal packaging are designed to minimise shipping costs but also to reduce waste by minimising the amount of packaging you use.

Why choose our manufactured postal boxes?

  • Quick & easy to assemble.
  • Strong durable protection.
  • FSC-certified as sourced from sustainable forests.
  • Minimise shipping costs.
  • Reduce your packaging waste.
  • Delivered flat-packed, easy to assemble.
  • We provide huge value by purchasing directly from us, the manufacturer.

Royal Mail PiP Packaging Guide

To help clarify the Royal Mail PiP guidelines, we have put together this table which includes all of the maximum dimensions for each PiP category.

PiP DescriptionPiP Max SizePiP Max LengthPiP Max WidthPiP Max DepthPiP Max WeightExamples of Items
Large Letter353 x 250 x 25mm353mm (35.5cm)250mm (25cm)25mm (2.5cm)750g (0.75kg)Greetings Cards, Folded letters, postcards, CD’s, DVD’s, magazines, certificates.
Small Parcel450 x 350 x 160mm450mm (45cm)350mm (35cm)160mm (16cm)2000g (2kg)Clothing, portable speakers, mobile phones.
Medium Parcel610 x 460 x 460mm610mm (61cm)460mm (46cm)460mm (46cm)20kgGifts, shoes, heavy or bulky items
Large Parcel1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5m*1500mm (1.5m)*1500mm (1.5m)*1500mm (1.5m)*30kgFragile items that require a high level of protection.
PiP Tubes900mm*900mm (90cm)1040mm (when 2 x dia + Length)**1040mm (when 2 x dia + Length)**(various)**Rolled posters, artwork, wallpaper, rolled documents.

* Large Parcel Sizes are a maximum of 3000mm (3m) with the length and depth combined.

** PiP Tubes can’t be more than 1040mm when adding the length and two times the diameter. i.e. (120mm dia x 2) + 800mm length = 1040mm Max PiP Tube Size.

Our range of packaging which accommodates each PiP Category

Our Pricing in Proportion (or PIP) Boxes are specifically designed to fit through the 25mm slot that Royal Mail class as a large letter. Three of our five postal box sizes below fit through the 25mm large letter size slot, which will minimise your postal costs, along with your speed to pack, with these lightweight, easy to assemble, postal boxes. Delivered to you flat packed for easy storage and delivery.

PiP DescriptionSuitable postal products from our range
Large LetterA5/C5 Postal Boxes
DL Postal Boxes
A6/C6 Postal Boxes

C7 Postal Boxes
Peel & Seal Postal Boxes – 220 x 190 x 19mm
Peel & Seal Postal Boxes – 240 x 210 x 19mm
Peel & Seal Postal Boxes – 347x 242 x 19mm
Small ParcelPostal Boxes-300 x 250 x 100mm
Postal Boxes – 150 x 150 x 60mm
A6/C6 Twist Wraps – 195 x 140 x 80mm
A5 Twist Wraps – 305 x 203 x 80mm
A4 Twist Wraps – 300 x 300 x 105mm
A5 Book Wrap Mailers – 251 x 185 x 60mm
A4 Book Wrap Mailers – 310 x 250 x 70mm
A5/C5 Envelope Mailers 140 x 195mm
A5 Envelope Mailers – 194 x 292mm

A4 Envelope Mailers – 238 x 358mm
C4 Envelope Mailers – 234 x 292mm
C3 Envelope Mailers – 278 x 400mm
Medium ParcelA3 Book Wrap Mailers – 430 x 380 x 90mm
A2/C2 Envelope Mailers – 626 x 450 x 40mm
Single Wall Cardboard Boxes – Range of Sizes

Large Parcel

Double Wall Cardboard Boxes – Range of Sizes
PiP TubesTriangular Postal Tubes – Range of sizes
Royal Mail Letterbox Friendly Packaging