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Single Wall vs Double Wall Cardboard Boxes – which is best for your product?

It’s all a matter of thickness. Single wall has one layer of fluted material between two boards (below left), whilst double wall has two layers (below right). Double wall boxes can provide extra protection for more fragile or heavier goods as they are made from two layers of fluted material, rather than single wall which is made from just the one. Whilst double wall boxes can hold up to 25kg in weight, single wall boxes can still provide the right protection for most products as they can hold up to 10kg in weight and are the more cost-effective solution out of the two types of boxes. Double wall does provide extra protection for your products, which results in a slightly higher price for double the material/protection.

Questions to consider when choosing which box suits your business…

  1. Will these boxes be shipped by courier or used for transit?
  2. How heavy are the goods you are using these boxes for?
  3. How fragile are the goods you are using these boxes for/ does your products need protection?
Which cardboard box provides the best protection?

Double Wall provides extra protection with double the material compared to single wall boxes and can hold up to 25kg in weight. Therefore, double wall can handle heavy, fragile or products that are being stored for a long period. Also, if your product is going through various transport processes such as warehouse and shipping, these double wall boxes are strong and durable enough to withstand any potential damage. For lighter and less fragile products, single wall boxes can still provide the right protection and can hold up to 10kg in weight.

Cost-effective solution, single or double wall?

Single wall provides the best cost-effective solution compared to double wall. Double wall boxes are generally more expensive as you are getting double the material compared to single wall. As we manufacture our own boxes, we can provide you with the best value on all cardboard boxes.
We also have our ‘specials‘ section, where we offer various bespoke sizes on sale, in stock, until sold out.

Why should you consider single wall cardboard boxes?

Single wall boxes are an excellent choice for general purpose storage, packaging and shipping. Our single wall boxes are suitable for commercial, domestic and industrial users. They are manufactured on site using high quality British corrugated cardboard. They are sturdy, durable and environmentally friendly; 100% recyclable and re-usable.
Our single wall boxes are delivered flat-packed enabling them to be convenient to store, whilst they are easy to assemble by taping the flaps. With a variety of sizes whether it’s an archive box, a small gift box or a moving out box, we have a size to suit your needs.

Why should you consider double wall cardboard boxes?

Manufactured with a double layer of corrugated cardboard and finished with thick brown paper on each side, the double wall cardboard box is the reliable solution for heavy-duty packaging requirements. The additional cardboard layer provides extra strength allowing it to withstand heavier loads and handling for storing and transporting goods.

The perfect solution for industrial environments where processing heavy loads is an everyday occurrence, the robust, reinforced sides deliver a reliable, sturdy and durable container for heavy items. In addition to their resistance to compression and stack ability, the double wall box is the safest option for ensuring goods are well-protected, wherever they’re heading.

Single wall or double wall boxes for moving out?

Designed for light to medium duty use, our single wall boxes are the ideal packaging for house removals, when storing, sorting and moving items. With their strong sides, when packed appropriately, these boxes can be safely stacked on top of one another to maximise the use of space without the box losing its integrity and collapsing.

However, for fragile or heavy items when moving out, we recommend purchasing our double wall boxes to ensure your items have a strong, durable protection. These double wall boxes can be used to transport delicate or fragile items that are prone to damage as the extra layer gives added cushioning to absorb impacts.

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