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Are you ready for plastic free July?…

Plastic Free July

It’s time to think corrugated

As millions of people across the world are developing new routines and looking for new solutions to remove single use packaging from their daily lives for the whole of July 2020 (and hopefully longer), we’re here bevering away to find new ways to help the movement. A delivery box here, a corrugated tray there. We’re ready for plastic free July… we were BORN ready! Plastic free is in our DNA.

Throw away’ culture

Unfortunately, we have become not just a nation, but a world addicted to convenience and sometimes it’s ‘easier’ to revert to plastics to accommodate that drive. But there are other solutions! If you receive bag after bag through the post (an increase we have seen through a change in shopping habits due to the current pandemic), what do you do with them?! So much unnecessary plastic has been manufactured for one trip, only to be thrown away and after you’ve fought to open it, it’s not much use for anything else, but there are sustainable solutions out there.

Keeping it green (or brown)

Imagine receiving this box through the post instead…

Corrugated Box

It lands on your doorstep, it’s easier to open, it might have something nice printed on the inside from the company you bought it from but it’s not just a box! It has been designed to fit EXACTLY around your shoes, or your jars of jam or your record to make sure that not only does it arrive with you in perfect condition, it’s easy to get into (it might even have a little feature to help), the inside has been printed with environmentally friendly inks and there’s nothing extra to ‘throw away’. There’s no void fill, no plastic, just good design. And although it is still disposable, it may have a gizmo to enable multiple trips (an extra strip of biodegradable tape here or there), where the plastic bag has done its job, possibly not even that well and is on its way to landfill, the box is biodegradable and recyclable!

Best of all…through working with certifying bodies like the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), we know it has come from a sustainable source.

Cardboard Penguin Design

And it’s not just boxes…

Corrugated board is more versatile than you’d think! It’s not just delivery trays, corrugated mailers and boxes (and it’s not always brown), you can make anything, from corrugated furniture, to corrugated penguins!

Sustainable solutions

It’s this versatility that enables us to constantly develop new and innovative, sustainable solutions to everyday problems and help companies and customers to move away from single use plastic without compromising on convenience. Through cardboard engineering, the boxes we make are less fiddly than plastic, easier to open than plastic, more secure than plastic, easier to recycle than plastic and better for the environment than plastic. So join us for plastic free July and start thinking corrugated!

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