Cardboard Boxes

As the UK’s leading independent manufacturer of bespoke corrugated packaging, we offer a range of cost-effective boxes in popular sizes. We have single wall or more robust double wall corrugated boxes, all held in stock & available for immediate delivery. Now selling in bundles as small as 25!

Postal Boxes

As eCommerce has increased, so too has the need for more professional postal packaging over traditional mailing bags or standard cardboard boxes. Our brown postal boxes represent an ideal, cost-effective solution. Designed specifically for the online retail market, they are strong enough to withstand repeated handling during delivery and still arrive in pristine condition. Now selling in bundles as small as 25!

Book Mailers

Book mailers are easy to use and provide great protection in transit. Designed for a frustration-free unboxing experience with eCommerce businesses in mind, this is a straightforward all-in-one packaging, with a self-adhesive closure so no need to fill the void. Simple but effective. Just wrap your product in the flexible corrugated cardboard for all-round protection and a close fit to prevent movement in transit. Now selling in bundles as small as 25.

Twist Wrap Mailers

Made for a hassle-free packaging experience for both sender and recipient, our twist wraps are ideal for eCommerce businesses. Simply wrap your product in the flexible corrugated cardboard for all-round cushioned protection and adjust the mailer to the depth of your item to provide a precise fit for enhanced security and to prevent movement in transit. Twist wraps are perfect for a wide range of products including games, jigsaws, books, gifts and much more. Now selling in bundles as small as 25.

Clothing Packaging

Our Flexie-Mailers provide the perfect solution for clothing items. Designed with a flexible depth, this eco-friendly solution is perfect for the secure shipping of a variety of items. Now selling in bundles of 25.

Warehouse & Logistics

We manufacture and stock a wide range of  warehouse & logistics packaging solutions. These include corrugated pick bins and corrugated UK and Euro pallet sizes layer pads.

Our recently launched range of corrugated storage bins, have been developed to ensure easy, clear cut organisation in your warehouse.

Both products available in pallet quantities for 24-hour call off.

Triangular Postal Tubes

Our range of eco-friendly triangular postal tubes are the ideal all-in-one solution for sending and protecting your documents through transit. These Triangular Postal Tubes are strong, easy to pack & stack. Complete with peel and seal tape for ease of closure there is no need for additional packaging tape.

The advantage to triangular tubes compared to round tubes is that they are easy & efficient to stack compared to round postal tubes that can quickly roll all over the place. Supplied in flat, they’re easier to store, and they have a geometric shape that gives them extra strength by design. 


Improve both your environmental credentials and brand perception with Flexi-Hex! Flexi-Hex is an innovative, sustainable, eco-friendly product range, developed for the safe and secure shipping of bottles.

Flexi-Hex provides a similar level of protection to traditional bottle packaging materials such as polystyrene and polyethylene but it ticks all the green boxes: it is plastic free, paper based (over 85% recycled content), reusable, recyclable and biodegradable.

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Showing 1–12 of 82 results