Corrugated Layer Pads

Corrugated layer pads are ideal for high-speed packing operations and commonly used as pads, dividers and partitions. These single wall cardboard sheets are an inexpensive, useful addition to any packing operation, providing additional protection to items which do not need to withstand significant pressure or weight.

They can be used in many ways including:

  • Protection & Design– When packing cartons to protect and separate layers of products, adding extra protection for awkward or fragile items. They can be bent to add extra protection to edges and corners, particularly when strapping and pallet wrap is to be used.
  • Quality– To reinforce envelopes to keep documents flat through the post, or to add support to packaged paper products such as calendars and art prints, or even folded clothing or bedding.
  • Stability– Interleaved between layers of products stacked on a pallet for additional stability. They can help keep a loaded pallet safe and steady, whether they are stocked for storage or ready to deliver in transit. On the base of a pallet, they will help protect stacks of cartons from water damage. Placed between layers of boxes, they will help cushion them.

Our layer pads are manufactured from the same high quality corrugated board as our single wall boxes. They offer excellent resistance to puncturing and require minimal space for storage. They come with traditional square corners.

Our layer pads are eco-friendly. 100% recyclable, they are manufactured from corrugated cardboard which is FSC-certified as made from papers sourced from sustainable forests.

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Showing all 3 results